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KHETA-NECLACE with 5 Kheta-beaded elements and leather strap (nickel free metal clasp), 2

mm diametres, 47cm long,black

kheta = select (Zulu language)

The idea for this new system jewelry from the region KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa was created early 2015 for the many glass beads-artisans in th region to find another income opportunity, but also for more color choice for the customer.

Lightweight glass beads (of Czech origin) are handmade into small "beadrolls", which can then be exchanged to suit your mood, outfit color and skin tone. It is a very lightweight, sporty chain, with shining splashes of color to match almost any outfit.You can wear the necklace with five or only with one beaded Kheta-pearl, or order more beads etc. EVERY PEARL IS A UNIQUE PIECE OF  ARTISAN WORK!!!

So choose from various models and pearls and make your own color combination. Leather straps available in black and brown, as well as 47cm and 53cm lengths. Voila! Your own Kheta-neclace awaits you. Have lots of fun with it!

Here is a ready-made Kheta-neclace for you!

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